Sunday, September 06, 2015

Pee dream

I had to pee really bad and I am looking all over for a bathroom. I find a sole stall in an empty lot in some non descript neighborhood. The walls of the toilet stall are so high off the ground they afford no privacy.The toilet if filthy and clogged but I have to go really bad so decide to use it.

Just as I start 2 kids, as only I can describe as street urchins out of a Dickens novel, come by and are hanging out. Ignoring me but not quite ignoring me.

When I finish they approach me and I definitely feel threatened. I try to mollify them by telling them I had to go to a meeting at work but I could stop and buy them some soda on the way. One of the kids is very interested that I am going to a meeting and wants to attend with me.

The dream ends with me trying to figure out out to explain this at work.

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