Sunday, June 14, 2015

SaturdayJune 13th 2015

6:00 pm
In Dad's kitchen I ask "Did we just get beat up by a 75 year old?"
He answer "Yes, I think we did."

The nurse says "Samira's eyes look different."
Samira makes a mocking face at the nurse.
We agree. Dad says she looks like she does recognize us.

4:35 pm
Dad says "I'll need to talk to the nurse in charge when we go in before supper."
I say "Maybe we should go in now?"
Dad says "Yes"

4:30 pm
On the outside porch overlooking the river.
Samira gets my beard in an iron grip so hard I have to grab her wrist and pry open her hand.
Samira grabs the flesh of Dad's forearms and scratches and he has to pull away.
Samira wacks my Dad in the head.
Samira snarls and pushes our hands away.

While waiting for the nurses aids to get Samira up we sit by her bed.
Samira looks back and forth and gently rubs Dads head
and enjoys the chocolates he brings her.

3:45 pm
On the way over to visit Samira Dad say how Samira has been doing better,
showing interest in the conversations going on around and with her, at times answering questions with a yes or no.

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